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Alexa, redeem the summer sale promo from Jeffery's Flour

Hi Sam! Summer is here and we're offering 20% off all our flours. Would you like to choose one?

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Do you have anything gluten free?

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Your Own Virtual Salesperson 24/7

  • Alexa, tell Target Coffee that I need some more coffee capsules.

  • Sure, what kind would you like?

  • I like the black ones. I’m not sure what they’re called.

  • We have 2 types. Would you prefer Greco or Roman?

  • Whichever one is stronger.

  • Roman is stronger. It is graded 10 on the intensity level.

  • Great! Send me 2 packs.

  • Alexa, ask Target Coffee what is the special offer?

  • Today only! We have 20% off of the Columbian blend. Which you like to order some?

  • Yes please!

  • Great, it comes in a few sizes. 12 Oz, 1 LB or 2 LBS. Which one would you like?

  • 2 LBS please

  • Perfect. That will be $19 before tax. Would you like to get it?

  • Oh yeah!

  • Alexa, open Target Coffee

  • Hi and welcome back to Target Coffee. Last time you've ordered at our store you've got: Brazilian single origin coffee. Would you like to order it again?

  • Yes please

  • Same as before? The 2 LBS bag?

  • Great. This time get me 3 packs of that.

  • No problem. That would be $60 before tax. To make an order?

  • Yes. Thank you.

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