How Uprising Food Reduced Support Staff Expenditure and Increased Conversion Rate

Industry: CPG

Platform: Shopify

Location: USA


Rapid growth is never an easy prospect even for the most nimble and well-equipped startups. The bigger your business, the more expenses you’ll inevitably incur. When Uprising Foods approached the team at Voicefront, they were looking to optimize their business model, making their online sales profile leaner and more efficient and their profits more sustainable.

Uprising Foods is built on a subscription-based pricing model. The company offers a full line of chips and bread cubes delivered directly to your doorstep on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. The Happy Belly Bundle, a six-cube, gluten-free, and keto-friendly bread, is among their most popular products. The Happy Belly Bundle retails at $72 for a single, one-time purchase, or $68 with a subscription.

Customers have the option of selecting anywhere from a 2 week to a 26-week delivery interval. That is the strength of the Uprising brand: healthy food delivered under a highly customizable subscription plan.

One of the company’s primary concerns was the number of support tickets its website was generating. The bulk of those support tickets consisted of requests to either pause or stop subscription billing. Processing these requests was both a drain on the staff’s time and resources. Uprising Foods enlisted Voicefront’s help to reduce the sheer amount of trouble tickets without employing additional staff to process the requests. Their ultimate goal was to improve the company’s bottom line.


To meet the challenges facing Uprising Food, the team at Voicefront deployed our on-site shopping assistant. The on-site shopping assistant is driven by the power of an evolving AI. The assistant integrates seamlessly into the client’s existing website architecture without the need for any advanced coding knowledge. The AI assistant is compatible with both desktop and mobile formats so that it provides effective end-user support across contexts.

With the on-site shopping assistant enabled, Uprising Food gained a tireless customer service representative who could be in multiple places at once. The AI assistant quickly proved itself to be a useful asset by reaching out to online customers when they became disengaged and likely to leave the website altogether, proactively answering questions as they arose, providing information on similar products, and helping drive customer decisions before they abandoned their orders. The AI platform employs conversation flow building to help augment the customer experience, fostering rapport between the brand and its consumers.

Voicefront’s powerful AI is built to detect customer frustration and intervene before they abandon their cart and ultimately leave the site. Even the customers that choose not to purchase products from Uprising Food provide added value to the company’s bottom line. The Voicefront AI suite can glean actionable data and metrics from shopper behavior —even those who’ve abandoned an order in progress— to drive future success and marketing.


To recap, Uprising Foods came to us with three primary concerns:

  • Reducing their number of incoming support tickets
  • Eliminating the need to hire additional customer service staff
  • Improving the company’s overall profitability

Through the power of the Voicefront AI shopping assistant, they quickly met all three milestones. Uprising Food saw a meaningful and immediate improvement where their company’s overall performance was concerned.

By leveraging the power of our AI shopping assistant, Uprising Foods saw a significant reduction regarding their incoming trouble tickets. Our AI chatbot was able to provide support to customers when they needed it the most, answering simple questions on time before they become bigger issues.

Most notably, Voicefront’s AI assistant helped to bolster and strengthen key customer relationships at the top of Uprising’s funnel. Voicefront’s AI shopping assistant actively worked to transform tenuous window shoppers into active business relationships. Through Voicefront’s interventions, Uprising Food was able to increase its customer conversion rate from 3% on average to over 5%. This seemingly simple boost in sales had a profound effect on the business as a whole, increasing the company’s profitability in the process. The extra customer service efforts provided by our AI shopping assistant left the company with a stronger foundation upon which to base its future business decisions and marketing.

Voicefront has taken on a great challenge with attempting to replace other chat bots and even live agents in some respects across eCommerce businesses. In the short time that it has been implemented on our site, we have seen conversion rate lifts at some critical junctions during a customer’s experience on site. The ability for Voicefront to handle key customer inquiries also has cut down on the amount of daily tickets our support agents have to handle answering the same questions over and over. What is especially impressive about Voicefront is also their team. They are highly attentive to listening to our needs and are driven to deliver the best possible experience for both brands and consumers.”

Zachary Franke
Head of eCommerce

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