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What is Voicefront?

Voicefront is a SaaS solution that converts your eCommerce website into a voice-based store (voice-store), with complete conversational AI capabilities, on smart speakers. This enables your brand to interact with every customer and guide them through your products or to deliver them your content. Get in touch with us to find out more.

What is a voice-store?

A voice store is an online store operated using conversational AI. As a web store is on the web, a voice store is on voice assistants. A voice store can be a skill on Alexa or an action on Google Assistant. Skills or Actions to voice speakers are like apps for your smartphone.

What is voice search?

Voice search is any search query performed on and answered by a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Voice assistants answer voice searches by directing the user to a skill (voice store) that has the answer, or when no skill has the answer, to the World Wide Web.

How is my eCommerce website integrated with Voicefront?

Voicefront integrates with multiple e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and others. Your shop’s catalog is fully integrated and you will have access to in-depth analytics for insights on how to optimize your commercial conversation over voice. It usually takes less than a day to integrate with any e-commerce platform.

Besides integrating with standard e-commerce platforms, our solution supports custom integrations with in-house built websites. This will take a couple of weeks to be completed.

Need support? Click here.

Do I need to integrate my website with Voicefront?

The integration with your website will enable you to use Voicefront platform as a voice shopping solution. Without integrating your website to the Voicefront platform, you will not be able to offer voice shopping. 

If you are seeking an exclusive marketing solution, it is not necessary to integrate with your website. For that, you will have to set up your store in the Voicefront panel by creating content and flows. Need support? Click here.

How do my customers interact with my store on Alexa?

In order for your customers to interact with your store, they will have to trigger  your store. The trigger for your store is your domain name on Alexa and is usually the brand name. This domain name must include two or more words. Your store can also be activated by a link or button through the website, newsletter, social media, etc. Click here to learn more on marketing activities.

Which shopping solutions does Voicefront offer?

With Voicefront voice shopping, your customers will be able to have a full shopping experience with your store. The following flows are one of many shopping voice features Voicefront offers:

  • Research products (see demo)
  • Add items to their shopping list (see demo)
  • Track a package (see demo)
  • Make a purchase (see demo)
  • Provide ratings or reviews (see demo)
  • Product finder (Quiz)
  • Reorder items. (see demo)

Which marketing solutions does Voicefront offer?

Besides being able to create many shopping flows, we have also built a platform for conversational and interactive content creation over voice, that can also generate followers for the brand. Users can subscribe to get content delivered to them by push notifications on Alexa and Google Assistant. This revolutionizes one way marketing to two way communication.

The following flows are one of many marketing  voice features Voicefront offers:

  • Voice newsletter
  • Subscription to feeds
  • Daily tip
  • Weekly deal
  • News & events

Which customer service solutions does Voicefront offer?

Besides being able to create many sales and marketing flows, we have also built a platform to simplify your customer services using voice. 

The following flows are one of many customer service voice features Voicefront offers:

  • Track a package (see demo)
  • Leave feedback (see demo)
  • Contact support (see demo)

What is needed to set up my voice-store?

After signing up to the platform you will need to integrate your catalog in order to enable shopping flows. To complete purchases on Alexa, you will need to connect your Amazon Pay account to the Voicefront platform. 

For content creation over voice, you just have to prepare the desired content and “voicify” using the Voicefront platform.

How is the pricing structured?

Our solution is a subscription based model. Click here to find the specifics for each plan.

Will I see ROI?

Click here to calculate your ROI with our voice ROI calculator.

What is a flow?

A flow is the building block of the conversation that the customer will have with the smart speaker. You can manage your store by choosing and customizing flows. There are multiple flows to choose from and each has its own purpose. Flows are divided in content flows and shopping flows.

Which payment gateway is used for purchases?

In order to get paid for the products that users buy on Alexa, you’ll need to have an Amazon Pay Seller account so we can charge users and credit that account. 

For purchases through Google Assistant, Google Pay must be integrated.

Can Voicefront answer sophisticated questions?

Yes, Voicefront’s AI can understand sophisticated queries. Your users can ask to order a product while providing a vague description of it, and Voicefront’s smart AI will know to ask the right questions to direct the user to the requested product. For example, if you have a coffee brand, users can order by saying, “Alexa, tell [Your brand name] to order the strongest coffee they have”. Voicefront’s solution will facilitate the purchase.

Example: In the above example of a coffee shop, the response can be: “we have 2 blends that have the highest intensity level – 12. Roman and Grecco, which one would you like to order?”

Your store will also be able to answer the same question in different formats. For example: “Alexa, ask [Your brand name] what is the weekly deal” or “Alexa, redeem the weekly deal from [Your brand name]. The capabilities of the AI grows continuously.

Can I customize what is being said to each user?

Yes, the platform is fully customizable and gives you complete control of what the user will hear and what products or content will appear in your voice store.

Can my clients cancel a purchase?

If clients request to cancel their order through voice they will be redirected to view your returns and cancellation web page in order to contact you to make the request.

Can my customers order more than one item with Voicefront voice shopping?

Yes. It is possible to order a multiple of the same item or to add different items to your cart. You will always be able to continue exploring the store after adding products to your cart. When leaving the store with products in your cart, you will be reminded of your full cart when launching the store the next time.

Can my customers get to my webstore or retail store through Alexa?

Yes. Your voice-store can deliver any type of information to the customer. Including information on the store location and web address.

Can Alexa give notifications to my customers?

Yes. When your customer becomes a follower, they will be notified by Alexa to listen to the content on a weekly or daily basis, depending on the specific feed’s schedule.

In what countries is Voicefront available in?

Voicefront currently supports English, and is available in all English-speaking countries.

More languages coming soon. Contact us to get more information.

How secure is the data of the store?

All data is encrypted during transit and at rest. The data we use is used in an aggregated manner. We don’t share information between accounts and we don’t use any personal data for internal purposes. No employee of Voicefront has access to any personal data. Voicefront is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Does the user need to download or set up anything to access the skill?

No, when your skill is certified on the Alexa Skill store or on the Google Actions store,  it is available to anyone in the country. The user does not have to download anything.

However, the user will have to enable the skill when the skill is new without reviews or sessions. When the skill has 3 reviews, enabling is not necessary anymore.

Also, when the user opens the skill through A web-to-voice funnel, enabling is not necessary as well.

How does voice eCommerce look like in figures?

Since 2018, the number of American consumers using voice assistants has nearly doubled. Here are the most common tasks customers ask about voice assistants:

  • 51% of users research products
  • 36% of users add items to their shopping list
  • 30% of users track a package
  • 22% of users make a purchase
  • 20% of users provide ratings or reviews
  • 18% of users contact support
  • 17% of users reorder items.

In 2020, around 128 million people in the US used a voice assistant at least once each month. And 20 million+ of them bought items using such devices. 

Because of the convenience of the voice search, more and more people buy smart speakers like Alexa or Google Home. The number of smart speakers in households in the US is already over 155 million.

Moreover, the voice payment adoption rate is expected to reach 31% by 2022.

Amazon Alexa has the highest penetration of smart speakers in the US market and is expected to remain the market leader. Google Assistant is also popular and is expected to rise in the following years.

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