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What is Voicefront?

Voicefront is a SaaS technology that translates your eCommerce website into a voice-based shop with complete conversational voice capabilities so that you can interact with every customer and guide them through your products to a purchase.

How long does it take to set up?

Voicefront involves a completely code-free integration! All it takes is a 15-minute call with us and we’ll have you set up in no time with our plug-and-play solution. Once setup is complete, Voicefront will be fully integrated with your shop’s catalog and you will have access to in-depth analytics for insights on how to optimize your commercial conversation over voice.

Is this a one-click integration or a CSV-style upload where we have a formatted sheet we follow?

It’s a one-click integration! Simply install our app and we’ll walk you through the quick and easy onboarding process.

What does onboarding look like to my shop on Alexa?

Voicefront is super easy to install and use, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Simply create an account, log in with your Shopify admin credentials so we can connect to the catalog and customize it to your needs. Our team is available to hop on a quick call and walk you through it so you can have your shop available on Alexa in no time! Need support? Click here.

What does onboarding look like to my shop on Google Assistant?

Voicefront is super easy to install and use, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Simply create an account, install Voicefront, connect it to your catalog, and customize it to your needs. Our team is available to hop on a quick call and walk you through it so you can have your shop available on Google Assistant in no time! Need support? Click here.

Can I customize what is being said to each user?

Yes, the platform is fully customizable and gives you complete control of what the user will hear and what products will appear in your voice store. You can also create special product categories and much more!

Can I use this for affiliates and influencers that send buyers to my shop?

Yes! Influencers and affiliates can simply tell their audiences to “just say [infelucener’s name] sent you!” (for example) when they visit the shop instead of using a unique coupon code at checkout. Your buyers can enjoy their entire shopping experience using only voice, and you can keep track of sales from each influencer.

Why do I need to give all of these permissions to my Shopify account?

In order to create a personalized experience for your customers, we need to connect to your shop. This allows us to direct your customers to the right products based on their responses.

We retrieve your product inventory from your online store, so we know when a product is out of stock or when you have certain deals and promotions. When a customer makes an order on your voice store, we create that order through the Shopify backend.

Why do you need to integrate with Amazon Pay?

In order to get paid for the products that users buy, you’ll need to have an Amazon Pay Seller account so we can charge users and credit that account.

Can Voicefront answer sophisticated questions?

Yes, Voicefront’s AI can understand sophisticated queries. Your users can ask to order a product while providing a vague description of it, and Voicefront’s smart AI will know to ask the right questions to direct the user to the requested product. For example, if you have a coffee brand, users can order by saying, “Alexa, tell [Your brand name] to order the strongest coffee they have”. Voicefront’s solution will facilitate the purchase.

Example: In the above example of a coffee shop, the response can be: “we have 2 blends that have the highest intensity level – 12. Roman and Grecco, which one would you like to order?”

Can my clients cancel a purchase?

If clients request to cancel their order through voice they will be redirected to view your returns and cancellation web page in order to contact you to make the request.

Can my clients order more than one item with Voicefront voice shopping?

Currently we support checkout carts of only 1 item. We will support adding multiple items to the cart at a later stage. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know when this feature will be available.

In what countries is Voicefront available in?

Voicefront currently supports English, and is available in all English-speaking countries.

What are Voicefront’s shopping commands?

Voicefront enables many different shopping commands to allow for a full voice-controlled shopping experience. This includes:

  • Alexa, tell [brand name] to order
  • Alexa, ask [brand name] to browse the store
  • Alexa, tell [brand name] to reorder
  • Alexa, ask [brand name] to order
  • Alexa, tell [brand name] to add to my cart – Coming soon
  • Alexa, ask [brand name] where is my order? or Alexa, ask [brand name] where’s my stuff?
  • This will give you the status of your pending order and when it’s due to arrive
  • Alexa, ask [brand name] what are today’s deals?
  • Alexa, ask [brand name] to check prices for
  • Alexa, tell [brand name] cancel my last order

How do I see my Voicefront order history?

You can see the orders that were made on your voice store in the “orders made” section in the Voicefront admin console. Alternately, you can view them in the Shopify admin panel. They will be tagged with the note “Created by Voicefront”

How do I make products or collections available to my Voice Store?

There are 2 options to do that:

  1. Enable auto publishing of the catalog. In this option, any new product that is added to your online store will be automatically added to your voice store within 1 hour at most. To enable it, in the Voicefront admin console, go to My Voicefront -> Catalog screen, and enable auto publishing.
  2. Manually changing the visibility of products or collections. To make a single product available in the voice store, go to your Shopify admin panel and find the requested product, on the top right side of the screen. Click the “Manage” button next to “Product Availability” and enable visibility to the “Voice Store”. Same goes for a collection of products.

I added a new product and made it available to the Voice Store but I still can’t seem to get to it by requesting to order it?

There is a chance that our catalog sync process, which runs periodically every hour, hasn’t run yet. To expedite the process, you can go to the My Voicefront screen in the Voicefront admin console, and click on the button “Import my catalog”

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