How It Works

Every year, more and more people are using voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri for everything from search to shopping. Conversational voice commerce is taking over the world of online shopping, and you can stay one step ahead by providing your customers with a full voice experience while increasing sales.

Create a unique conversational commerce experience

Voicefront’s voice commerce solution allows you to create a unique conversational AI experience for each buyer through personalized conversations with a virtual salesperson. Guiding them from the moment they walk in until they complete their purchase.

  • Alexa, tell Target Coffee that I need some more coffee capsules.

  • Sure, what kind would you like?

  • I like the black ones. I’m not sure what they’re called.

  • We have 2 types. Would you prefer Greco or Roman?

  • Whichever one is stronger.

  • Roman is stronger. It is graded 10 on the intensity level.

  • Great! Send me 2 packs.

  • Alexa, ask Target Coffee what is the special offer?

  • Today only! We have 20% off of the Columbian blend. Which you like to order some?

  • Yes please!

  • Great, it comes in a few sizes. 12 Oz, 1 LB or 2 LBS. Which one would you like?

  • 2 LBS please

  • Perfect. That will be $19 before tax. Would you like to get it?

  • Oh yeah!

  • Alexa, open Target Coffee

  • Hi and welcome back to Target Coffee. Last time you've ordered at our store you've got: Brazilian single origin coffee. Would you like to order it again?

  • Yes please

  • Same as before? The 2 LBS bag?

  • Great. This time get me 3 packs of that.

  • No problem. That would be $60 before tax. To make an order?

  • Yes. Thank you.

Your customers are waiting for you!

Millions of customers are waiting to buy from you using their voice assistant.