Alexa & Google Assistant

Rep is a voice-first, conversational AI platform that brings your e-commerce website to Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant, with a range of unique features that help you make the most out of your voice marketing and sales channel. It’s your own personal salesperson, there to guide and help each and every customer 24/7.

Rep has developed each conversational AI feature with the customer experience in mind, ensuring increased brand loyalty and satisfaction.

Voice Search and Order

Your customers can order any of your products by just using their voice. All the way from browse to checkout.

Product Availability

Your voice store’s catalog will be automatically in-sync with your web store. This includes new products and items out-of-stock. All it takes is a one-click integration!

Conversation Flow Building

Fully customize the user experience. Create flows to engage with your customers. Whether they are promotions and sales, order status updates or content flows.

Voice Followers

Deliver marketing content (promotions, tips, recipes) to customers that subscribe to your feed on Alexa. They will get push notification to listen to your content. No more emails going to the spam folder!


Have your customers re-order their last order by using a one-line command. The checkout process takes less than 30 seconds

Code-Free & Seamless Integration

Get up and running with your voice-enabled shop seamlessly integrated with your product catalog – all without any required development or technical experience.

Unique Business Analytics

It’s not enough to know where your visitors click – you need to know what they really want. Get in-depth business analytics based on their voice interactions for helpful insights.

Visual Support

Voice first, but visual second. Full support of voice assistant with screens, such as: the Alexa Echo Show, Fire TV, Android TV or Google Nest

  • Alexa, tell Target Coffee that I need some more coffee capsules.

  • Sure, what kind would you like?

  • I like the black ones. I’m not sure what they’re called.

  • We have 2 types. Would you prefer Greco or Roman?

  • Whichever one is stronger.

  • Roman is stronger. It is graded 10 on the intensity level.

  • Great! Send me 2 packs.

Enhance your store with an AI-powered sales assistant!

With Rep's adaptive conversational AI solution, your customers will receive the guidance they need to complete their purchase.

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